Consocia Arts and Crafts

Sustainable Arts & Crafts Workshops


We started our first Consocia T-shirt painting workshop back in 2013 at a fair for handmade products in Hanoi. Over the past few years, we have continued to grow and host many T-shirts, tote-bag, fabric painting, and tie-dye events as well as other arts and crafts workshops such as Jewelry making and watercolor painting. Currently, we are more focused on sustainable crafts workshops like upcycled tie-dye and Clothes mending& recycling.

We love connecting, sharing, and spreading our positive messages and good vibes with fellow creative people.

We opened our first Arts and Crafts Workshop space at Velo Love Cafe in Hanoi in January 2018. The cafe closed in August 2018, and after several changes, we happy to collaborate with Hockett Haus of Crafts, a lovely crafty space to do arts and crafts every week.

Moreover, we also open a small home studio at no 5/38 lane 310 Nghi Tam where we welcome all of you who loves sharing and doing arts and crafts together.

We welcome you to join us in our fun projects with inspiring artists and absorb the community’s creative vibe. We are sure to share lots of joyous and fun ideas for your own personalized art projects, or simply just come down to have some tea, chit-chat, connect and create something cool, sustainable, and from your unique self!!

Hope to see you soon again at Consocia Arts and Crafts workshops!