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Did you know that you can dye a beautiful silk scarf using dried flowers and food waste, such as onion skins or avocado skins?

If you are interested in learning how non-toxic, natural dyes can be applied to fabric, join us in this 2-hour workshop focused on “Natural Dyeing.” Immerse yourself in the process and leave with your own beautifully dyed silk scarf.

In this workshop, you will learn about local flowers, plants, and food waste that can be used for dyeing. Additionally, you’ll explore the bundle dye technique to create random and beautiful patterns for your unique silk scarf.

This workshop will cover:

-Explore local flowers, plants, and food waste for dyeing
-Master the bundle dye technique, creating unique patterns
-Understand plant pigments and their application
-Learn to make plant colors light- and wash-fast
-Experiment with modifying substances for a spectrum of colors

This workshop will be conducted in both English and Vietnamese, making it accessible to a diverse audience. Ideal for nature enthusiasts and those embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

All materials, including silk, dried flowers, and natural ingredients, will be provided. Stay updated on workshop schedules by following our fanpage or request a private workshop here.

Join us in this immersive experience connecting art, nature, and sustainability!

Here are steps to natural dye a silk scarf in our workshop:

Spread out dyed stuff (dried flowers, turmeric, onion skins, etc) on wet silk scarves

Roll wet silk scarves, with dyed stuff spreading out on the surface

Tightly tie with strings

Silk scarves are bundled with dried flowers and onion skins in a dye pot, after 30 minutes of steaming

Unbundle after 30 minutes of steaming and wash all the left over dyed stuff

Look at this lovely shade of colors after steaming 

See more about our Natural dye workshop.

To join the workshop, please book your ticket here; or follow our Facebook and Instagram to update on new workshop’s schedule or send us a request for a private workshop.

See you there:)